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  After eons of introduction, Speed is the newbie on the track, impressing people with his crazy awesome racing skills and giving the Wachowskis a chance to blow our mind with their insanely computer generated racing world. The effects are blinding, sometimes literally, with bright colors blaring out of the screen and cars whirling through a dizzying array of courses which look as if they were designed by Hot Wheels, if Mattel had the power to suspend the laws of motion and gravity, and then having accomplished that decided to build their tracks out of uranium just for kicks. The races look like Tron on steroids, and I can’t help wondering if this particular style might have been better suited to Disney’s impending sequel to that movie, than this. 

Speed Racer gains some notoriety and the big racing companies are quick to start courting him. Speed Racer resists, preferring to stay with his family’s independent racing team. This doesn’t fly, and soon the film becomes the story of the little guy fighting against corporate fat cats who fix races and kill anyone who gets in their way. In the mix is a wild card named Racer X, a mysterious figure wearing a black, full body condom and played by Lost’s Matthew Fox. X is the movie’s badass, and at first it’s not entirely clear whose side he’s on. Despite his humiliating getup, Fox seems to be having a lot of fun with the part, and damn if he doesn’t pull it off. 

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  A long journey comes to its end. It is inevitable. We obtained plethora of knowledge throughout our 3 days here. It is hard for us to leave because we had so much fun here and there’s still a lot more to discover but time limits our intention. Before leaving, we gave a plaque to the chief of the village as the representative to the villagers. 

  Last but not least, i would like to thanks to all Prego members including our advisor for giving the best for this program. This is a memorable moment for me and i hope we could visit them again. Adiossss, till we meet again

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 That night we have a culture exchange with them where we’ll perform a few cultural performance and they will perform theirs. For our perfomance, we decided to split into two team: dancing and singing. It was my first experience to dance our traditional dance, the zapin. Even though I was a little bit shy and afraid of others judgment towards me but it turns out that they are not judgmental as I thought the might be. They cheered and give  big applause foor us. 

  Later, it was their turn to perform their traditional dance which is “sewang”. It was amazing and worth for a watch. “Sewang” means a person that is narrating along with the play of their musical instruments. They invited us to dance  together in a circle and i found out that i was not that difficult to follow their steps as it is based on the rhythm of the music.

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  We just grab some bread for our lunch because we got another imperative stuff to get done today. We are planning to build a mini library for them at the unuse conrner in their musolla. But first, we need to get done with all the mess in the musolla because children opt to play in here. With the help from some of the villagers, the sweeped and mopped the floor and also wiped the windows. The cleaning session took around half an hour so we only got approximately 2 hours to get done with the mini library.

  Well I could say that it was quite easy task because we had prepare earlier most of the things need for the mini library. All it need was a proper arrangement and a touch of decorations. Moreover, we had so much enjoyment while doing work with the presence of the children. They sang some song for us and also help us to arrange the books at the shelves. 

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 This is the the most exciting part throughout our activity: SUKANEKA Kg Pos Yum. We started to setup our arena early in the morning because this program is predicted to be lasting until noon. So here we are. There’s a lot category of games offered and surprisingly almost all of the villagers made up their minds to join us. We got “bola ping pong dalam sudu, gula gula dalam tepung, getah dan straw and kaki tiga”  for thw children and we already also prepared a “sumpit” game for the elders. 
  It was so exciting to join them playing games and to get to know them. They had been taught since they were little child to be competitive among each other because they have a notion decedent from their ancestors where the only way to survive in ghia world is to be competitive. It a pleasure to gain those new knowledge as it can’t be learn at school. Before we go for our lunch, we proceed with the prize giving ceremony where each winners will get a hamper upon their winning. 

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 This village was differ than others.Even though we might see their ignorance during our first met but they are way more special than we might able to see. An aborigins, a person who merely live in the woods distant from the civilization. This would be our first thought and assumption towards them but that was long time ago. They had changed a lot since they our government put an emphasize on improving their lifestyle. 

 That night was lit. These people are really sporting and no doubts, most of them actually have innate talent in singing. We are expecting that only few will register for the karaoke competition but it was the other way. Almost 30 people from different ages sign up for the competition. We had so much fun that night regardless raining cats and dogs,we didn’t even notice when did the rain started to fall. The night passed and a new journey awaits in the next morning.

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 As soon as we arrived there, we unload our things and started to distribute food to the villagers. At our first meeting, they were scared of us and most of them will run away immediately each time they see us. But that’s okay because it is normal for people to avoid stranger. We had our lunch and perform our prayer. 

 This is the start. We are going to make a marker for the village at a hill next to their village using some rocks arranged according to their village’s name. It was tougher as it may look. We need to ensure that those rocks would not collapse due to heavy rain or animals. Most of us getting sunburn but surprisingly we actually enjoy it (climb the hill, paint the rocks , and arrange them). We postpone the rock thingy to the next day as we got plethora stuff to prepare for karaoke competition that night.

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  Since Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios has not only given us some incredible imagery and story, it has given us characters to cheer for, characters who aren’t simple caricatures of the comic books but ones that actually come off the page in a truly cinematic way. We’ve spent hours with Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, so many others… all of these characters have rich inner lives and inner struggles. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is constantly measuring himself against the values of his father and finding himself wanting. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has steadfast beliefs that, while true for him, conflict with the politics and the needs of the modern day.  The MCU films have never been lacking for spectacle, but we have seen these stories play out over the space of 8 years now, and the potential for where these films could go has been teasingly just beyond the horizon.

  No longer. In Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios has fulfilled those promises and then some, resulting in what could be the best superhero movie yet. “Civil War” couldn’t have gotten here any other way, and not to disparage other superhero movies from the Distinguished Competition, but it is due to the audience’s investment in these characters that makes the emotional resonance of what happens in “Civil War” even possible, and it’s not a place that can be reached with a single movie. We have watched these relationships build and be tested, and Captain America: Civil War is payoff for much of what we’ve seen with these characters so far. Moments of quiet conversation become riveting, intense moments because we are so engaged with these people – even the new ones, who although are placed right in the thick of things, are no less compelling than the ones we’re already familiar with.

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  In the world of Zootopia, all mammals have evolved into intelligent bipedal creatures. Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a bunny who has always wanted to be a police officer. As this is a job normally held by large predator animals, nobody gives her much of a chance, but she successfully completes the police academy and is assigned to a precinct in the heart of Zootopia, the city where predator and prey animals live together in harmony.

  At least it seems to be harmony. The first crack in the veneer comes when Judy meets Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a fox who isn’t being served at the elephant ice cream counter because he’s obviously shifty. Of course, the joke is on Hopps when she discovers Wilde actually is a con artist. The two end up together again, however, as Wilde was one of the last to see a missing person, er, otter, alive and the smarter-than-she-looks bunny hustles the hustler into helping her track him down. 

  What follows is a solid detective story/buddy cop movie with Disney flare. But it’s only after the case is closed that it becomes obvious what Zootopia is actually all about. While it’s stated that prey animals make up 90% of Zootopia’s population, they are, as prey animals, at a natural disadvantage against the predators. The results of Officer Hopps investigation make the majority population fear the minority, giving Zootopia a deeper-than-anticipated social meaning. 

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  The last: Naruto the Movie (2014) is the seventh and most effects-heavy feature based on the popular Naruto Shippuden series (it’s
the 10th film in the overall Naruto continuity). Naruto Uzumaki (Maile Flanagan), everyone’s favorite ninja and knucklehead, has grown up. Now in his early 20’s, he’s teaching at the Academy where he used to goof off and cut class. The lonely orphan has adoring students
and fans. While Naruto may have grown older, he hasn’t exactly matured. He’ll never be the sharpest kunai knife in the arsenal, but he retains his kind heart, his mastery of arcane Ninja skills and his ferocious loyalty to his friends.

  All those qualities are put to a monumental test when the ghostly Toneri (Robbie Daymond) kidnaps Hinata’s younger sister Hanabi (Colleen O’Shaughnessey). Toneri plans to destroy the Earth, which he sees as the corrupt, debased embodiment of the failed plans of the Sage of the Six Paths. Toneri interferes with the orbit of the moon, causing meteors to bombard the ninja villages,
presaging a collision between the celestial bodies. To complete this grandiose plot, Toneri needs the Byakugan, a magical power that resides in the eyes of members of Hinata’s clan.

  Naruto and Hinata (Stephanie Sheh) set out to rescue Hanabi, Joined by three of the Hidden Leaf Village’s most skillful warriors: medical ninja Sakura (Kate Higgins); Sai (Ben Diskin), who creates magical creatures
from his drawings; and Shikamaru (Tom Gibis), who can use shadows as weapons.
In the course of their mission, the ninjas travel to the moon via a supernatural cavern.